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Screening for BP and Diabetes

Sevak Project is an American Project in India and is based on the Independent Duty Corpsman (IDC) model of the U.S. Navy. The training and orientation of the Sevaks is based on this model i.e., Sevaks are trained with didactic training as well as hands-on experience and mock activities to provide them with practical skill building exercises. The trainings are limited to 5 weeks and much shorter than the twelve months as required for the IDC. Sevak Project has demonstrated that a grounds-up approach to health education and screenings for common chronic diseases such as diabetes, hypertension and obesity is a pragmatic solution to provide "access to care" to rural and underserved individuals in India and in any other developing country. It is Gandhian in its philosophy with the expectation that a trained Sevak, who is housed in the village (and from the local area), has the capacity to look after his/her community and provide basic education, screenings (non-invasive) and referrals to health care for follow-ups when primary and secondary prevention is not adequate for an individual.