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Special Cases

We have found many patients who need more attention and requiring resources. In Kundal, Botad Dist., the Sevak brought to our attention, a 42 year old electrician who lost both his upper arms and a lower leg through an electric current. This happened two years ago. He had difficulty going to the bathroom as it was flat. The Sevak was able to get a sitting toilet within a week of our knowledge. In the same village there are two insulin dependent diabetes patients about 14 year old. They do not have refrigeration and with our intervention they keep their insulin in a nearby shop. The plan is to educate the entire family on how to do blood sugar; Sevak is taking care of this. We will be giving them small refrigerators and to other similar patients in Sevak villages. In another village Dharoi in Mehsana Dist. There is a girl about 20 years old who has kyphosis and scoliosis of the spine which has rendered her incapacitated and bed ridden. Sevak project provided her with a special bed with super frame for her to pull up and sit and gave her a walker, which has made her mobile. One of our own Sevak had diminished vision in one eye and almost blind in the other. Got her the necessary help with Lasik in one eye and lens implant in the other, she is able to see clearly. In Makanchampa, Banaskantha Dist. There is a patient who is blind since birth but very bright, will get him the necessary help to sustain himself. Another girl in the same village has diminished vision, we have her see an ophthalmologist in Ahmedabad, and she may need corneal transplant. We will work with her.