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Interviewing a local person from the village of Karakhdi
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Pictures of the Sevak Project
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Dec 16, 2016

Sevak Project for rural health and sanitation in Gujarat

Dec 19, 2016

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News Aricles

  1. Bringing Sustainable Healthcare to Rural India by BY THAKOR PATEL AND ROHIN PATEL • AUGUST 2, 2016
  2. Article one (in Gujarati)
  3. Article two (in Gujarati)
  4. Article three (in Gujarati)
  5. Article four (in Gujarati)


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  1. Summit for Setting Research Priorities for reducing Cardiovascular disease Burden in India, “Diabetes and CVD riak and prevalence among Indians and Indian Americans” Organized by PHFI, CCDC, Share India, Mediciti, ICMR and IUSSTF, Feb 27 – March 1, 2013 Hyderabad India.
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